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About the Practitioner

"Your work is to discover your world,

               and then with all your heart,

                              give yourself to it" ~Buddah~

My mission is to provide the care that is needed with compassion and respect for the individual.  There is no greater gift than to be of service and make a positive difference for thoes who seek healing and in turn, the world.

                                                                  ~Jami Gigac LMT, MLT, CRP

2010 graduate of Lancaster School of Cosmetology and Therapuetic Bodywork

A little bit about me...

I have lived locally for the past 10 years in the northern part of Lancaster county, working in the community as a server, bartender and even a bank teller. I have a dog and two cats whom I adore. I worked for 5 years at Lancaster General Hospital as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist before I was able to hang up my lab coat for good and step into full time at my massage therapy office.   

After graduating from college with a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and working in the field for several months, I realized that something was missing from my new career.  I have always enjoyed people, working with them and helping them however I could.  I missed daily exchanges with customers and connecting with people.  Before I knew it I found myself enrolled in Massage Therapy School and realizing a talent to help people in a new way.  I found that making a positive difference for them, be it by relaxation therapy or in pain management, allowed me to feel a sense of purpose and peace I had not known before.  I had found a calling that I loved by giving care to those in need.

During my time in massage school I became interested in energy work and became a certified Reiki practitioner in August 2010.  Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality passed on from master to student by attunement.  The practitioner becomes a conduit of life force energy so that it is focused through the practitioner to the client, much like a magnifying glass focuses the sun.  It is intelligent in itself, going where and how the individual is in need of healing, be it physical, mental or emotional.  The practitioner only serves as a means of transport and has only the intention of healing for the client.  Most who receive Reiki describe it as a pleasant warmth or tingling from the practitioner's hands, sometimes traveling or settling in a specific location.  It is a wonderful experience worth receiving at least once in your life, but can be received as often as everyday. 

I look forward to being of service to my clients & community.